Monday, October 8, 2007


Population. . . everybody.

I hesitate to begin publishing a blog for many reasons, but the primary reason is due to the fact that everybody, even your great-grandmother, has one of these things. And most blogs really suck. For example, check this out.

Still awake? Excellent. Now, I will give that e-author the benefit of the doubt and assume that broadcast engineers worldwide get all wet over that site. But I really can't imagine that is the truth, due to the lack of comments posted (perhaps broadcast engineers are a shy bunch).

While I really don't want to contribute to the polluted dumping ground of information that is the blog-o-sphere, my own laziness has won out over my personal convictions. It will be much easier for me to maintain this page than my own website when it comes to announcing new work, art for purchase, and other exciting thweatt news in general.

I don't have any delusions about the level of self-importance one has to have to write a blog every day. This is why I won't be writing that often. I have no doubt that my visitors may not extend past an immediate circle of friends and maybe some lucky art geeks. But that's great. That would make me happy.

All of that being said, I do wish that all those who enjoy my work add this site (as well as my website, to their favorites lists. Who knows--maybe if my ego is stroked with a large enough group of visitors, perhaps I will take this blog thing more seriously and take it to the next level. Then, maybe I can meet up with your great-grandmother in an online chat room. We’ll talk about crocheting. Sexy crocheting.


'toof said...

Not only are you a talented and visionary artist, you are an entertaining & humorous writer. I'm sure your blog will be a raging success.


Grandmaster Thwiz said...

Wow, that was overly complimentary. I think this guy is related to me. . .